The Pros And Cons Of A Beret Hair Covering For Women

There are many types of head coverings out there. Women who cover their hair are often overwhelmed by the possibilities: hats, berets, tichels, snoods, caps and more. In this article we will explore some of the pros and cons of wearing a beret.

First of all, what is a beret? A beret is a round soft rimless hat worn on the head. Many women wear a beret with all there hair tucked in for a complete head cover, while others leave their hair hanging down.

Here are some of the reasons that women like wearing berets. First of all, berets are a stylish way to cover your hair. The short head coverings have come in style lately in the way of short snoods and berets so many women have begun wearing this fashionable hair covering.

Berets can be made from lots of different fabrics to suit the needs of different seasons. For example, wool berets and angora berets are great for wearing in the winter. They offer warm protection from the elements. In the spring or summer, cotton berets or knit berets are great fashion accessories. Many beret hats come with decorations, such as appliques, studs, flowers, or tails. They are often solid colored or colorful with designs.

Aside from fashion, berets are very comfortable and quick to put on. There is no complicated tying involved like a tichel, and they just sit where you put them. They are also compact as far as head coverings go so they do not end up getting in your face like the tails on a pre-tied bandana and they don’t end up sitting on your neck like a long snood.

Some of the complaints women have with berets is that when they put all their hair in, the beret slides back. This is because berets are kind of small and don’t allow for that much hair. Other women just don’t like the way they look on their face shape – since the beret is a small head covering it can look too tight if you are not used to the look. For these women a head covering like a snood would be better as there is more length in a snood.

Women who like to cover all of their hair also may find that the beret exposes the hair at the back of the neck since it is a short head covering.

In summary, while the beret is a comfortable and stylish head cover, it is not the head cover of choice for every woman. At the end of the day, you always need to take your personal likes and dislikes into the equation when buying any head covering.


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